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After a careful selection among the most important brands on the international scene, Miglio Pack has managed to identify the best partners for the supply of industrial packaging.

Thanks to this collaboration and to a wide range of packaging products, Miglio Pack can provide its customers with packaging ideal for any type of material, in every phase of the production cycle, from assembly to shipment, offering containers, cases and pallets in high density polyethylene and bags, caps, stretch films, adhesive tapes in various sizes.   

Miglio Pack, a division of Euroferramenta Miglio, has established itself over time by offering its customers resistant, long-lasting, recyclable and customizable products. The customization of products, relating to dimensions, colors, images and logos, allows to respond to every request, without affecting the safety and certified technical characteristics of the products.

Thanks to the ability to interpret and satisfy the needs of its customers, Miglio Pack has been chosen by companies of international importance, which operate in the world of high fashion and luxury leather goods. They entrust Miglio Pack with the supply of packs for the storage, packaging and handling of their garments in Italy and worldwide. 

Miglio Pack
via G. Falcone, 1/3/5
56024 Ponte a Egola - San Miniato (PI)
tel. 0571 485065 / 0571 485419

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