Via G. Falcone, 1/3/5 - 56024 San Miniato (PI)
Reusable and durable
Worldwide Use

Miglio Pack, division of Euroferramenta Miglio, offers a complete and constantly updated range of quality products and packaging, designed to meet all the professional needs of the tanning, chemical, automotive, agriculture and transport industries.

Miglio Pack’s products have been selected and constantly monitored to meet high quality standards. The ecofriendly sustainable polypropylene packaging is the right solution for those who wish to respect the environment.

Supplier to the luxury sector

High quality, product customization and recyclable materials: these are the reasons that led the most important companies in the fashion and luxury sector to choose Miglio Pack as their partner for the supply of eco-sustainable packaging, thanks to which they can export Made in Italy in the world.

Miglio Pack - via G. Falcone, 1/3/5 56024 Ponte a Egola - San Miniato (PI)
tel. 0571 485065 / 0571 485419 / 329 5674746

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